From the moment you purchase one of our products, you will have a legal guarantee of 3 months. However, we offer an indefinite commitment in each of them.

Our warranty covers defective production, manufacturing and materials. Wear of elements such as bearings, bushings, gaskets and lubricants are not part of this guarantee. These points are checked on a regular basis, and should be replaced when necessary. In the event that you notice a manufacturing or material defect within the 10 day time frame, please contact us immediately for further assistance, so we will proceed with any issue in question, or ultimately, awaiting our final decision, choose to replace the product.


Warranty requirements for any claim:

1. The item in question (ex: broken frame), along with a copy of the original invoice, a description of the damage and an explanation should be sent to MAJINCYCLES@GMAIL.COM at your own expense.

2. A detailed photo of the bicycle with all the components that were mounted at the time the defect was observed. It should be sent to MAJINCYCLES@GMAIL.COM at your own expense.

3. We will receive the defective product removed from all its components.

4. The product should have been used strictly in the operating mode and only in conjunction with the compatible components.

5. No work should have been carried out on the frame by personnel other than authorized by MajinCycles, in any workshop or dealer.

6. No technical modifications were made to the product.

In Detail: You must ensure that your Majin is in good working order and condition before any use

Always keep in mind the use of all products before making your purchase, you must ensure that you use the bicycle, in accordance with how it was designed by Majincycles. Any and all warranty claims will be null and void in the event that such claim has occurred due to improper use of our products.

Your guarantee will be null and void in the following circumstances:

1 The use of high pressure water or other very hard and abrasive hoses, cleaning solvents and acid chemicals

2 Damage to structure resulting from use with loose or damaged parts, faulty bearings or a crash will not be covered by Majincycles.

3 The frame has free parts that can hit when disassembled these parts allow the operation of the frame to a certain extent. When this part collides with another, due to an impact, the consequent pressure on the affected part can be compared to a blow with a hammer that is more harmful than applying pressure to it to make it advance.

 The transmission of energy in motion of a part rises exponentially with the speed of its movement.

4 Bad and bad storage conditions or inadequate maintenance, cause corrosion. Your frame should be properly cleaned, dried, and stored after each use.

5 Damage to the front, or to the motor box as a result of improper installation, despite our recommendations, will not be covered by our warranty.

6 If the layer of dust or corrosion on the parts where there is contact with other products that is screwed or otherwise in the structure, cause damage will not be covered by the Majincycles warranty.

7 Due to the nature of powder paint, certain parts such as axles, threads, interiors, holes, steering cups, and stickers cannot be covered, which is why Majincycles cannot provide a warranty for nearby paint layers. to these places.

8 You must bear in mind that a mountain bike was designed to be used by virtue of the "harshness" of the elements, of the reality of nature, such as the wheels of a car for example. In principle, your mountain bike will be exposed to harsh elements such as dirt, rain, stones and etc. Therefore, we are unable to give warranty for paint and imperfections resulting from such actions.

9 In some high voltage and cargo handling areas. Powder paint is not covered under warranty.

10 If there are deformations in its structure, since the deformations are the result of excessive use of the applied force, which implies inappropriate use of the frame. These will be reviewed and solved.

For example, majin08 have been designed to deform at a breaking point in order for the overload to prevent further damage to the main unit or others.

If the frame insert breaks, bends or becomes unusable, it would be due to excessive force, misuse of the derailleur system or blows, which is not guaranteed.

Important: Any and all claims made in light of these declarations